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Award winning Advanced Endpoint Protection and enterprise visibility, provided the only Default Deny platform that can protect you from Zero Day and all other exploits.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) is a complete endpoint protection platform comprising multiple security technologies, including anti-virus, host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS), web filtering, personal firewall, white/blacklisting, application control, behavior analyzer, device control, vulnerability analyzer, patching and Secure Auto-Containment. It also provides management and reporting in an integrated package that maximizes security and administration effectiveness while minimizing support burdens.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) has been selected as winner of the 2017 “APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Software of the Year” award from CyberSecurity Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global information security market today.

Comodo AEP features:

  • Fast, free, and easy to use.
  • Lightweight – requires no installation and can be run right from a USB stick.
  • Classifies the threat level of all objects and processes currently loaded into memory and highlights those that are not trusted.
  • Allows the admin to terminate, delete or suspend every untrusted item with a single click.
  • On-demand malware scanner quickly finds viruses, rootkits and hidden services.
  • Extremely efficient malware removal routines thoroughly disinfect virus stricken endpoints.
  • Detailed statistics and graphs allow admins to analyze and fine tune system activity to almost infinite levels of detail.
  • Leverages Comodo’s huge whitelist database to accurately identify the trust status of every running process with minimal false positives.
  • Integration with Comodo cloud scanning technology delivers instant behavioral analysis of unknown processes.
  • Powerful system tools provide control over even the most obscure system settings.
  • Simple interface for admins to manage trusted vendors list.
  • Comprehensive event logs provide detailed overview of system activity on endpoint machines.
  • Quick repair feature allows fast restoration of important Windows settings.
  • Allows replacement of the standard Windows Task Manager if required.
  • An indispensable addition to your security toolkit to complement software such as Comodo Internet Security.
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