Selltis: CRM Built for Industrial Sales

Selltis, an industrial CRM platform, was designed for the industrial sales market by industrial sales professionals.

Three decades of industrial sales knowledge are built into the Selltis industrial CRM platform. For most companies that sell technical and industrial products, Selltis can solve your most pressing sales process challenges out of the box.

Selltis brings your entire sales team together—inside sales, outside sales, customer service, regional managers, distributors, independent representatives, and business partners—whether they are in the office, on the road, or in a separate division.

With Selltis:

  • Sales leads won’t fall through the cracks.
  • More qualified sales opportunities will be uncovered.
  • Quote follow-up will become standard, increasing hit rates.
  • Forecasting will be quick, easy and more accurate.

Selltis CRM is ideal for industrial sales organizations that can answer yes to most of these questions:

  • Are you selling in the industrial sales or other complex sales market, such as petro-chemical plants, refineries, paper mills, utilities, or municipalities?
  • Does your company sell multiple products or services?
  • Do the products or services you sell have sales cycles that average longer than three months?
  • Is the nature of your products and services complex and/or technical?
  • Are there typically multiple influences on the sales of your product or service? Examples include engineering firms, corporate offices, integrators, fabricators, etc.
  • Is your company organized in a team-selling environment, where multiple departments are interacting with the customer? Examples include outside sales, sales management, inside sales, customer service, application engineers, etc.
  • Is your sales team working reactively instead of proactively?
  • Is communication between your departments weaker than you need it to be?


“[The system] was clearly and obviously designed by someone who knows our industry, who had worked in our environment and understood the focused functionality required to satisfy our specific needs.” – Mario Porrata-Franceschini, President, MRF, Inc.

“The reporting is unbelievable … The system is so intuitive that we are able to continually customize [it].” – Brad Rennick, VP of industrial Sales, Wika Instruments, Ltd.

CRM Case Studies

Texmac – How one distributor used Selltis to link its sales and service departments and uncover new sales opportunities. Texmac also relies on Selltis to connect its remote salesforce. Download case study.

ACI Controls – Learn how this manufacturer’s rep and distributor of process control products uses Selltis to track sales activity and opportunities, manage quotes and allocate expenses. Download case study.

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