Infodat is a Sectigo Partner. We are committed to your success by offering the full suite of Sectigo products along with our world class cybersecurity services.

Sectigo, the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority (CA) and a leading web security solutions company, enables organizations worldwide to secure their identities, web presence and connected devices. Enterprises of all sizes rely on Sectigo for multi-layer defense against rising and more sophisticated web-based threats across websites, devices, infrastructure, and cloud – from the biggest brands to the smallest websites – so that they can secure today and seize their tomorrow. Infodat currently offers Comodo products through DIR-TSO-4393 .

Sectigo Certificate Manager

Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) is a centralized certificate management platform that provides businesses with a secure, reliable and consistent organizational structure for its growing portfolio of certificates. SCM streamlines certificate management and reduces the administration time and costs associated with managing certificates. It is designed to help you to maintain business continuity and protect your reputation from the consequences of expired certificates by simplifying digital certificate issuance and life cycle management.

How can Sectigo Certificate Manager help you?

Organizations need to effectively manage tens, hundreds or thousands of certificates with varying expiration dates and different lifecycles. Certificates are an integral part of an organization’s security but managing them can be a time consuming and costly venture. Awareness of all internal and external certificates and their expiration dates can be a challenging task without a certificate management solution.

Product Functionality and Differentiators

  • Complete visibility and lifecycle control over any certificate in an environment
  • Ensures certificates do not expire unexpectedly
  • Scans web servers & Microsoft Active Directory servers to find ALL certificates regardless of issuing CA
  • Flexible, reliable cloud-based platform for digital certificate issuance and lifecycle management
  • Automates management of entire certificate lifecycle; issuance for replacement
  • Scans network for expired and rogue certificates that could lead to unexpected vulnerabilities
  • Manages, tracks, reports on entire certificate portfolio from cloud-based portal
  • Centralizes, automates management of cryptographic keys & digital certificates
  • Administrative protection uses 2FA and/or IP address validation
  • Integrates into Enterprise with federation and API’s for provisioning, reporting
  • Sectigo allows sub-CAs for qualified enterprises to intermediate own root
  • Single management console for all enterprise identities
  • Public SSL, S/MIME, Code Signing
  • Private certificates
  • Existing identities (certificates) automatically discovered
  • Scan of servers using SSL Handshake
  • Search of Microsoft CA-issued certs via Active Directory
  • Automated enrollment/renewals use open standards
  • Certificates are renewed without human intervention
  • Under control of the administrator
  • No outages due to human error

Did you know that:

  • 82% of organizations have seen system outages due to unplanned certificate expiration.
  • Customers receiving warning messages like ‘This connection is untrusted’ and ‘Not Secure’ could cost your organization sales and damage your reputation
  • The average organization ended up losing $222,000 just in the last year due to a variety of certificate-related mishaps.
  • Many organizations are having trouble managing their Microsoft PKI

Value Propositions

Maintain Business Continuity and Reputation

  • Mitigate risks associated with key services being interrupted due to cert expiration
  • Don’t be embarrassed by your public facing assets being presented as unsafe

Gain Control

  • Manage all your certificates from one easy-to-use cloud-based platform
  • Use auto discovery to find all external and internal certificates for your organization

Simplify Administration

  • Use one solution to manage all certificate lifecycle
  • Use delegation tools to allow administration of certificates at different levels

Manage with Ease

  • Robust reporting feature gives you the reports you need to effectively manage your inventory
  • Utilize the email alert system to never miss a certificate expiration date

Save Time

  • Manage all certificates from one solution, no more Excel spreadsheets and incomplete inventory

Save Money

  • Pay for only the certificates you need, no more forecasting

Competitive Comparison

SSL Certificates

  • DV certificates
    • Fastest, easiest, most cost-effective way to gain industry-standard encryption; issued in minutes
    • Companies must prove ownership of domain being secured
    • Visual trust indicators: padlock icon, HTTPS
  • OV certificates
    • Simple certificate option for registered organizations; faster than EV
    • Company must prove it owns domain seeking to secure; is a legally registered business
    • Visual trust indicators: padlock icon, HTTPS, dynamic site seal
  • EV certificates
    • Highest level of protection; industry standard for business websites
    • Rigorous, standardized authentication process
    • Visual trust indicators: padlock icon, HTTPS, and green or branded address bar
  • Wildcard certificates – Secures unlimited sub domains
  • Multi-domain certificates – Secures up to 250 domains
  • Domain Validation (DV) certificates
  • Organization Validation (OV) certificates
  • Extended Validation (EV) certificates

Key Features

  • Multi-domain certificates
  • Wildcard certificates
  • Code signing certificates
  • S/MIME email certificates
  • Highest encryption levels – Up to 256-bit SHA2 & ECC.
  • Elliptic-Curve Cryptography (ECC) – provides highest security while reducing computing requirements.
  • Up to $2M warranty – provides protection to the business if a misused certificate causes a breach
  • Trust seal – Each SSL certificate includes the Sectigo Trust Seal assuring website visitors the site is legitimate

Key Differentiators

  • Largest range of solutions to fit any customer size, use case or price point.
  • ECC option available for highest level of encryption and improved speeds.
  • Sectigo is the largest provider of SSL solutions globally.
  • Trusted by all browsers and not impacted by the latest Google Chrome move to distrust Symantec certificates.
  • Global support – email, chat, web, online.

Code Signing Certificates

  • Secure and manage code signing certificates by storing keys in Sectigo Certificate Management PKI infrastructure.
  • Digitally sign apps and software to prove that the file a user is downloading is genuine and has not been compromised.
  • Upload, sign, and quickly collect signed software.
  • Ensure certificate keys securely stored and available to authenticated users.
  • Mitigate accidental loss or theft risks; protect users.
  • Designate and authorize users to sign code on behalf of an organization and approve second authorized entity.
  • Generate and store private key in an HSM for added security.
  • Host non-CA components at premise, including local key generation.
  • Ensure file reputation in MSFT’s SmartScreen Application Reputation filter.

Sectigo Code Signing

Adds a layer of assurance for developers and users. Integrates management of entire software lifecycle, from approval to signing operations to maintenance.

  • In-house hosted mode — Runs in back end on the cloud; in-house team runs rest of the lifecycle.
  • Cloud service mode — Sectigo runs everything at back end; developers spend minimum time and attention managing their certificates.
  • OV (“Standard Code Signing certificates”) and EV — Reduce possibility certificate could be exported or used by unauthorized entity; uses 2FA and requires private keys be stored on an external hardware token needed for code signing.

Secure Email S/MIME Signing

Enabling secure email communications helps enterprises and individuals alike combat rising phishing attacks. Digital identity is a core part of enterprise Identity & Access Management framework.

  • Hackers attack enterprise by impersonating a legitimate employee, server, or device
  • Theft of intellectual property, damage to business & brand
  • Strong digital identity is best method to prevent impersonation
  • Policies on encryption and signing vary by country

Sectigo Secure Email S/MIME Signing

Sectigo provides strong digital identity using PKI, enabling the right individual to access the right resource at the right time, and for the right reason.

Digital Signatures

  • Business email compromise is a sophisticated scam targeting business working with suppliers that regularly perform wire transfer payments.
  • 78,000 fraud incidents worldwide between October 2013 and May 2018
  • FBI reported email account compromise losses reached $12 BILLION.
  • FBI guidance states, “Use digital signature on both sides of transactions.”


  • Uses encryption at rest to protect intellectual property as another layer of defense
  • Email decrypted within the app

Allow secure email getaways to work with S/MIME

  • Manages digital signature of emails at the gateway
  • Encrypts emails at the gateway in a way that allows popular mail apps to natively decrypt

  • Public S/MIME certificate automatically installed into all mail clients
  • Email encrypted in storage and in transit as another layer of defense
  • Encryption key archive accessible to secure email gateway to sign, encrypt/decrypt
  • Only vendor that delivers this capability, using publicly trusted digital signatures
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