Infodat is a Comodo Platinum Partner. We are committed to your success by offering the full suite of Comodo products along with our world class cybersecurity services.

Comodo is the #1 SSL Certificate Authority in the world, with more than 36% of the market, according to (as of July 1, 2015). The Comodo SSL Certificate portfolio meets a diverse range of business needs and budgets while offering the highest levels of trust and security.

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Use the chart below to Compare SSL Certificate offerings and find the certificate which best suits your needs

SSL Comparison Chart EV SSL Instant SSL Wildcard SSL Essential SSL UC Certificates
Green Address Bar

Green Address Bar

128/256 bit encryption
128/256 bit encryption
Validation Level

Validation Level

EV, Instant SSL, Essential SSL and wildcard certificates feature a free trustlogo with point to verify technology.

Organization Validated to EV guidelines Organization Validated Organization Validated Domain Validation Only Organization Validated
Designed for Exchange mail servers and OCS environments Tool Tip

Validation Level

Unified Communications Certificate are built expressly for the Microsoft Exchange and/or Microsoft Office Communication Server environments. Unlike single domain or wildcard certificates, a single UC Certificate can provide secure communications on a number of different domains, both internal and external, reducing server security administration complexity, and cost. UC Certificates also support the Microsoft Exchange Auto-discover service to further ease client administration.

Secure unlimited sub-domains

SAN / Multi-Domain Version available

Multi-Domain Certificates (SAN certificates) can secure multiple FQDNs on a single certificate..

Warranty Level $1,750,000 $50,000 - $250,000 $250,000 $10,000 $250,000
99.9% Browser Ubiquity
Support Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web
Free Additional Server Licenses
Free Additional Server Licenses

SAN / Multi-Domain Version available

All Comodo certificates come with unlimited servers licenses - meaning you are free to install your certificate on as many physical servers as required.

Free PCI scanning Service

SAN / Multi-Domain Version available

HackerGuardian PCI scanning service allows merchants to pass the quarterly vulnerability scans mandated by the Payment Card Industry. Comodo is an PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). Free 1 year PCI scanning is limited to one license per-account.

Free Daily Website Vulnerability Scanning Service

Free Daily Website Vulnerability Scanning Service

HackerProof allows website owners to configure daily vulnerability checks on their website. HackerProof comes with a free website trustmark that lets you to prove your site is secure to your visitors. Free 1 year website scanning is limited to one license per-account.

Unlimited re-issuance
30 day, no question, money back guarantee

ATTENTION Symantec SSL cert customers! Google has created uncertainty about trustworthiness of Symantec SSL certs. Why risk your business continuity or reputation with this uncertainty? Comodo is a trustworthy alternative! Infodat is offering special deals to make it easy to switch from Symantec to eliminate this uncertainty – and likely save money. Contact us to schedule a call to learn more.

The Perfect Solution for Website Protection – Choose the Right Comodo Certificate for your Business

Protecting your website has never been as important as it is today, but which SSL certificate do you really need? Single domain, multi-domain, exchange servers, extended validation? Each has its advantages and one particular certificate may be more suited to your business than another.

For example, a customer-facing company website processing online transactions may require an Extended Validation (EV) certificate. This is because the trademark green address bar symbolizes the highest levels of business probity and security to online customers – building the trust to needed to encourage purchases. On the other hand, the login page of a corporate portal for employees may have less need for this public display of business authentication. In this case a Domain Validated (DV) certificate could suffice.

At Comodo, we want to make sure you make the best decision. Our SSL Certificate portfolio meets a diverse range of business needs and budgets while offering the highest levels of trust and security to all customers. Our SSL comparison chart explains the differences between our certificate types and helps to simplify your choice.

Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM)

CCM provides you with centralized certificate management for your ever-growing portfolio of SSL certs, reducing administration time, trouble and cost. Through its industry-leading capabilities, CCM provides your business with an easy-to-use but robust advanced certificate issuance and lifecycle management solution so you can self-administer.

Comodo Certificate Manager:

  • Automates certificate lifecycle monitoring and managed services
  • Streamlines SSL cert discover
  • Provides expiration notifications when you decide, not just 30, 60 or 90 days like other tool
  • Eliminates manual processes and can be configured to fit your organization’s specific needs
  • Centralizes SSL cert requests for business units or teams
  • Ideal for organizations with 50 or more SSL certs to manage

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Infodat can help you to simplify cert management with CCM.

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