Bringing disparate information into one view

Boomi for Healthcare Patient360 is a powerful low-cost cloud-based HIPAA compliant integration platform focused on health industry requirements connecting data silos to create a single, 360-degree view for supporting patient-centered care. It can help your organization to reduce costs and improve service delivery across the care continuum.

Our Infodat experts will leverage the power of Boomi for Healthcare Patient360 to help your organization:

  • Achieve a single view of the patient
  • Improve outcomes
  • Create one-to-one patient journeys
  • Build collaborative eco-systems
  • Focus on patients and not integration

Boomi for Healthcare Patient 360 addresses significant challenges in healthcare organizations like:


  • Early Adverse Trend Detection
  • Fitness IoT Monitoring

Acute Condition

  • Care Team Coordination
  • Hospital Management
  • Reimbursement Management


  • Post-Discharge Monitoring
  • Health Coaching
  • Care Compliance
  • Benefit Management

Chronic Disease

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Early Intervention
  • Benefit Transparency


  • Lower costs
  • 1:1 Patient journeys

Infodat Healthcare Capabilities

Infodat has been successfully delivering dozens of Boomi projects to Fortune 100 scale environments for over five years. Our certified practitioners aim to shorten project times, reduce costs, streamline processes and boost productivity by tapping the power of Boomi for your organization.

Infodat also has considerable experience developing solutions across the healthcare industry. We can help you to understand your current situation, identify gaps, build a roadmap and develop the solutions to meet your desired outcomes.

Figure 1 – Overview of Infodat Healthcare Capabilities

Boomi for Healthcare Patient360 platform offers these capabilities:

  • Cloud-native integration
  • High-speed/low-code development
  • Secure and quality data

These capabilities are vital to creating a single view of the patient. Our Boomi experts have been working with healthcare providers that integrate disparate data sets from diversified source systems. Infodat can help your organization to improve healthcare delivery and provide the personalized services that leads to the best results for patients and their providers.

Why Should You Use Boomi for Healthcare Patient360?

  • Improve Outcomes
    Tracks, coordinates and integrates data from connected wearable devices to improve operational efficiencies.
  • Create One to One Patient Journeys
    Connects internal and partner systems to provide accurate, up-to-date information — accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device for a personalized healthcare experience and excellent patient engagement.
  • Build Collaborative Ecosystems
    Securely connects healthcare partners and third parties to build collaborative, patient-centric networks. Consolidates compliance with HIPAA in the United States and similar healthcare data regulations around the world.
  • Focus on Patients, Not Integration
    Our experts help simplify and speed integrations with the help of pre-built connectors, support for HL7, other key data standards, and low-code development provided by Boomi for Healthcare Patient360. This patient centric platform is not only cost effective, but also time saving, which will allow you to focus your resources on the healthcare mission.

Infodat & Boomi for Healthcare Patient360

Infodat highly recommends Boomi for Healthcare Patient360 to address healthcare-specific integration requirements by providing a flexible, intuitive, and intelligent platform for powering digital transformation. It’s centralized, low-code environment lets your organization move data quickly in a managed environment.  This frees up time and money to be leveraged on other digital transformation efforts. Our experts can help your data and applications work better together, increasing agility and efficiency of your organization. Boomi is an industry leading iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) highly rated by Gartner, that can quickly deliver value in today’s hybrid healthcare IT environments.

Figure 2 – Boomi Healthcare Patient360 Capabilities
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    Integration – Application & Data Integration

    Scales to meet high-volume requirements in real-time, mobile, batch ETL and other environments

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    B2B Management – EDI and Trading Partner Connections

    Onboards suppliers and other partners. Monitors all interactions through a centralized portal

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    API Management – Manage Custom API’s

    Creates, publishes and manages APIs and web services, extending access across all applications

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    Master Data Hub – Centralize Golden Records

    Synchronize and safeguards data quality, providing reliable information across all systems

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    Flow – Workflow Automation

    Builds automated workflows to streamline administrative and citizen-facing processes.

Boomi for Healthcare Patient360 has an easy to use visual designer with pre-built processes, mapping tools, pre-built connectors and a trading partner framework to speed up building and updating integration processes. There are pre-built connectors for most of the popular healthcare applications on the market today and API management for any custom integrations. There is also out of the box support for EDI standards such as X12, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet and Tradacoms.  It supports trading partner communication requirements, including AS2, disk, FTP, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS ready for use.

Boomi for Healthcare Patient360 can help your organization to create a modern cloud-based consolidated integration platform that can meet your digital transformation goals.

Infodat + Boomi = Your Healthcare Patient360 Success

Infodat views the Boomi platform as a strategic enabler for healthcare companies.  What was considered unglamorous heavy lifting is now made easy with Boomi for Healthcare Patient360. The time to value has been shortened to where healthcare data integration is not a barrier to success.

In the older model, we had data silos and processing technologies or third-party health service providers that served as an impediment to any digital transformation innovation.  With Boomi for Healthcare Patient360 you can now create a single, 360-degree view for supporting patient-centered care.

Knowing how to leverage the industry leading Boomi platform to modernize an existing healthcare environment is a critical success factor.  Infodat is a certified Boomi partner and has delivered several dozen successful projects. Our certified practitioners can help you to successfully modernize and improve your integration and workflow capabilities to meet your digital transformation goals. Using our practitioners means that you won’t have to hire, train and retain Boomi resources.

Our proven integration modernization process is:

  1. Review and document expected outcomes of the modernization effort
  2. Review and document the legacy integration and workflow environment
  3. Inventory all data sources and targets, then do the following for each
    1. Determine the owner of the relationship to the data source
    2. Document the current processes for each data source or business process, both inbound and outbound
    3. Document all internal systems involved with each integration process
    4. Identify and document any unique customizations
    5. Identify any security and encryption requirements
    6. Determine if any of the processes or data are governed by any regulatory requirements like HIPAA
    7. Identify the scheduling for all processes
    8. Identify and document the main business and technical contacts for each process
    9. Document who is notified on successes and failures, both internally and at the data source
  4. Review and document data source on-boarding and change processes
  5. Review if there are applicable data governance or master data requirements
  6. Look for opportunities to innovate with Boomi
    1. Analyze the current integration methodologies and identify optimization opportunities
    2. Identify any multi-step processes that can be automated or consolidated
    3. Analyze if data integrations can happen in near real time and not in a scheduled batch process
    4. Centralize common processes and notification requirements into reusable processes across the Boomi platform
  7. Develop project and architectural plans for Boomi implementation
  8. Build and test the new integration and workflow processes in Boomi
  9. Bring data sources online with the new Boomi processes and provide hyper-care support for a defined timeframe.
  10. Update the run book for the new processes
  11. Provide training to the technical owners of the customer’s Boomi platform. Infodat also provides on-site, environment specific training as required

Get Moving on Digital Transformation

Relationships with vendors and customers are more important than ever.  Many digital transformation efforts are focusing on making these relationships efficient and compelling.  Moving data where it needs to be quickly and extracting actionable intelligence has become a major focus in recent years. Despite technical debt surrounding legacy integration environments, Boomi is a platform that can get you out of your technical debt. Boomi can play a key role in your entire digital transformation process.

Infodat offers a flexible managed service model to monitor and support Boomi and your processes if your organization does not wish to manage the Boomi environment

Infodat can be your organization’s trusted partner to start your integration and workflow modernization process.

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