Comodo provides a single platform to meet all your needs

Comodo can help you to harden your ecosystem, protect your business reputation and improve your cybersecurity ROI by rendering Zero-Day and malware exploits useless with Automatic Containment. Comodo won the prestigious Cyber Defense Magazine Infosec 2018 Award for Best Endpoint Security.
Infodat currently offers Comodo products through DIR-TSO-4393 or through TIPS 181102 .

The Comodo Difference

  • ALL unknown files are automatically contained until evaluated
  • Comodo wins the race to identify malicious files
  • Comodo is protecting over 100 million endpoints around the world
  • NO Comodo user has reported an infection from any form of malware

Automatic Containment and Default Deny Architecture

  • If the verdict is ‘Known Bad ’then Block
  • If the verdict is ‘Known Good’ then Allow
  • If verdict is ‘Unknown’ then run in Automatic Containment
  • NO unknown files ever reach your computer or network
  • Automated local & global analysis to determine verdict
  • Files allowed or blocked after verdict
  • No impact to usability

Traditional endpoint security vendors have a Default Allow architecture. This Default Allow architecture has a critical flaw. It allows unknown files to pass into your computers or networks. Attempts to cover this flaw with things like AI, machine learning, sandboxing, etc., are not 100% effective. Comodo endpoint security with Automatic Containment and Default Deny architecture prevents 100% of unknown files from reaching your computers and network.

Comodo Wins the Race to ID Malware

  • More than 50K malicious files evaluated every day
  • Verdict rendered for 92% of unknown files in 45 seconds
  • Remaining 8% receive verdict in no more than 4 hours using human analysis
  • Comodo blacklist updated in real time
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