Malla Mekala


Malla is a Co-Founder of Infodat International, Inc. He and Subra launched the company in 1996. Since then, Malla has grown Infodat into a successful IT Services provider to Mid-Size and Enterprise clients. Infodat is a desirable place to work and attracts the best talent. Employees are a key part of success and Malla leads this philosophy by example. He attended Texas A&M University where he received his Masters in 1993.

Manmeet Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Manmeet’s critical role at Infodat is to oversee all the technology, practices and delivery of solutions to our clients. His expertise ranges across the full spectrum of Microsoft solutions as well as programming methodologies and quality processes. Manmeet has earned the trust of our clients in his strong abilities to deliver and stay on the cutting edge.

John Bernard

Executive Vice President,
Sales and Strategy

John joined Infodat in July. He is a consummate go-to-market strategist with a track record of accelerating revenue growth for several companies and divisions of large enterprises, such as IBM Global Services and Digital Equipment. John received his degree in Industrial Electronics Engineering from Worcester Industrial Technical Institute.

Joseph “Henry” Rozario

Director, Data Analytics Practice

Henry is a veteran of Infodat. He is responsible for the Data practice. This includes the DataView360 consulting as well as the Microsoft portfolio used in the practice. His passion is going deep into databases to extract the rich information that is so often hiding in disparate systems.

Raj Hodekar

Director, Human Resources

Raj manages the human capital at Infodat. He brings in the talented engineers, programmers and project managers that has made Infodat successful for 20 years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Sam Merchant

Director, Public Sector

Sam is responsible for leading the growth of our public sector business unit. Sam received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government at the K.C. College in India.  He began his career with Infodat in November of 2013 and has made it his priority to help his customers achieve their goals in business.

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