Leveraging data to improve outcomes and reduce costs

Healthcare delivery is transforming constantly due to changes in laws, regulations, and reimbursement processes.

In order to survive in this dynamic environment, hospitals and healthcare networks are turning to data analytics to convert raw clinical and financial information into actionable intelligence. This intelligence can be used to improve patient care, outcomes and the bottom line. Infodat can help you develop an analytics platform that enables achievement of your strategic objectives.

Provider Benefits:

  • Improve patient care and outcomes
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve operational inefficiencies
  • Make better decisions at point of care
  • Data governance and security compliance

Patient Benefits:

  • Ensure greater value for patients
  • Accurate billing and reimbursements
  • Diagnosis, dosage, treatment and outcome measurement
  • Fraud detection
  • Retrospective and forward-looking analytics

The Infodat Approach:

  • Leverage significant past performance with solving complex healthcare analytics problems
  • Combine and standardize data from many sources
  • Use industry best practices to design an analytics platform to meet your specific needs
  • User-friendly front ends to help ensure user adoption
  • Scalable to keep up with the high volume, high velocity, or high variety of data
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