One platform for any digital data

  • Pimcore is the leading open source platform for managing digital experiences used more than 80,000 times at leading enterprises
  • Pimcore places data management at the core of digital experience management. Manage and integrate any type and any amount of digital data
  • Put your customers at the center of everything and deliver outstanding experiences across all touch points. Efficiently.


  • Pimcore features award-winning single-source and multi-channel publishing functionality making it easy to manage, update, and integrate content and data from various sources.
  • Engage your customer with highly personalized digital experiences with Pimcore’s platform. Integrate data while delivering an awesome user experience and an increased conversion rate.
  • Deliver connected experiences across any channel of communication to engage in a conversation with your customers that flows from one channel to the next. No matter if digital, social, traditional channel or content as a service.
  • Pimcore provides the most editor-friendly experience for web content management. Features like multi-level content inheritance, tagging of information, assigning properties, versioning and time- based publishing underline the position as a leading experience management platform.


  • Pimcore provides a powerful central repository for any type of digital asset and its meta-data. Compatible with any amount and format, Pimcore is the open source choice for managing your enterprise assets.
  • Pimcore’s enterprise digital asset management platform enables you to easily consolidate, manage and share all your digital assets through the process of assigning meta-data and delivering assets in the right format to any output channel, based on a solid and flexible single-source publishing methodology.


  • Pimcore is your open source multidomain and multivector MDM/PIM. The central management of master data and product information in a consistent way is key to your omni-channel success. Pimcore provides the needed flexible master data management of product information to efficiently enable this process.
  • Pimcore provides an agile and hyper-flexible data model. More than 40 high-performance data types. Capable of handling millions of products or other master data with thousands of attributes each. Made for even the most complex data handling scenarios. Perfect both for operational PIM/MDM and analytical PIM/MDM.


  • The Pimcore commerce framework is a best-in-class e-commerce framework for creating outstanding and highly flexible B2B and B2C e-commerce experiences, touching todays challenges of multi-channel and omni-channel retail. Some say, it’s a true digital transformation enabler.
  • Pimcore delivers exceptional e-commerce experiences across all channels. Desktop, mobile, social and even digital signage or at the POS. Compared to the usual e-commerce solutions, Pimcore’s framework driven approach strictly separates the business logic from the presentation layer. No more hacking of themes and extensions-just use the framework with any design and frontend presentation tooling.
    • Cart Management – Challenging needs, flexible carts.
    • Prices and Availabilities – 100% compatible to your needs.
    • Search & Filtering – Search is key to improve on conversion.

Let Infodat help you to use the Pimcore platform to create a world class website and digital experience that will differentiate your organization from all others.

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