Valkyrie Threat Intelligence (VTI), is a game changing offering that can give you the insight you need to identify and respond to incidents in time to protect your reputation and maintain control of your data. You can leverage this game changing offering to protect your organization for a fraction of the cost of deploying your own Security Operations Center (SOC). Infodat currently offers Comodo products through DIR-TSO-4393 or through TIPS 181102 .

Valkyrie Threat Intelligence
  • Monitors any number of your domains or IP addresses on the Internet and “Dark Web” 24 x 7 x 365
  • Identifies any credentials or data that has been exfiltrated directly from your organization or through a third party
  • Makes you aware of any active threats to your organization
  • VTI is available in three editions to meet your specific needs. You can receive:
    • Immediate notice of impending threats
    • Weekly Threat Labs reports
    • Weekly “Cyber Kill Chain” reports
    • Six Special Threat Publications
    • Quarterly Threat Reports that include Industry and Regional insights

VTI actively collects data from more than 100 million Comodo data points and processes more than 4 million samples each day using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. The output of these algorithms enables VTI to provide you with smart threat intelligence and more than 60 different intelligence feeds.


Valkyrie Threat Intelligence Editions


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