XM CyberUse Breach and Attack Simulation to identify gaps that could threaten your critical assets

XM Cyber has been recently named a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Security Operations and Threat Intelligence. XM Cyber also won Gold in the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards at the recent RSA conference for best breach and attack simulation (BAS) solution. Learn more about XM Cyber integration with Microsoft Defender ATP

It’s time to start thinking like a hacker and view your network from their perspective.

  • Watch for openings
  • Mimic employee behavior
  • Combine multiple attack strategies into a single attack plan
  • Wait for a change to happen that exposes more data

XM Cyber puts you in the hacker’s chair, giving you the latest tools and techniques to constantly test your own environment. You can select which assets are most critical, launch an attack in your live environment and run it continuously.

XM Cyber gives you the ability to test your environment 24x7x365 using robust attack plans derived from multiple intrusion strategies allowing you to gain these critical advantages for your overall security posture:

Hacker Network Perspective
  • Confirm any what-if analysis based on breach location and targeted digital assets
  • Improve overall IT hygiene and reduce misconfigurations and the effect of human error
  • Optimize your security staff and reduce dependence on manual testing
  • Automatically add the latest attack techniques to your defense strategy
  • Prioritize IT security activities to protect your most important data
  • Use actual user behavior to identify real attack vectors

You are rewarded with prioritized recommendations to immediately remediate vulnerabilities and protect your critical assets.

By identifying issues and prioritizing security tasks to protect your most important data, XM Cyber optimizes your security investments and significantly reduces the risk and the impact of a breach.

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