We can help your organization make the most out of your existing IT ecosystem by enabling it to compete in today’s digital environment.

Your organization has invested a great deal of time and effort in the development of systems that deliver your specific business requirements. Our subject matter experts can help you to unleash the enormous potential of your existing ecosystem through our modernization approach. You can improve the longevity, usability, functionality and accessibility of your applications. We can also address issues such as vendor lock-in, high operating costs, technological redundancy, skills rarity and unacceptable time to market.

Application Modernization

Organizations spend a considerable amount of time and resources building and modifying applications to run their enterprise.  As time progresses it becomes difficult to take advantage of new technologies that could significantly improve your IT ecosystem.  Whether it is beginning to deliver your application’s interface via web or mobile, improved integration with other systems, performance improvements, or providing functionality to outside vendors and partners. Infodat can help your organization get more value and lifespan out of your proven application environments.


Let Infodat help open up your entire IT ecosystem by helping your organization develop its own API for doing business.  API’s can unlock value by exposing its functions for other systems to utilize with a properly defined API while leaving the system in place.  API’s can prepare your organization to build high value mobile and web applications where in the past this was not possible.

Cloud Enablement

Infodat can help you to determine if moving to the cloud is the right choice for your organization. We are experts in Microsoft Azure, the leading cloud provider in the industry today. You can reap many benefits from moving to the Azure platform:

  • Fast time to market – It only takes a few minutes to provision servers in most cases
  • Lower cost – You only pay for the resources you use out of your operating budget. No more capital expenditures for internal systems that must be configured for peak load – but have resources sitting idle much of the time
  • Dynamic scalability – Your applications can be configured to automatically scale up or down depending on demand. No more worrying about a system crash during a big promotion or peak demand time.
  • Reduce overhead and headaches – Let the Azure team manage the data centers, hardware obsolescence, upgrades, networking, etc. All you have to worry about is how to leverage your application ecosystem to make money for your business.

Most systems can be moved to the cloud without requiring a change and still be secure in your network.  Infodat can provide a hybrid strategy when some systems need to stay on premise and others reside in the cloud. We can also get you onto the modern cloud based email and office packages to start saving your organization money and time.

Database Modernization

Upgrading application databases can be a daunting challenge for many IT organizations.  However, over time however your IT ecosystem does not benefit from increasing functional and performance database improvements.  Infodat can help your organization to start taking advantage of upgraded database environments.  Upgrades can improve your organization’s competitiveness and profitability.

Mobile Enablement

Your existing IT ecosystem can be taken to the next level by pushing data out to users on mobile devices.  Environments that were not originally intended to support mobile devices can now become the backbone for your mobile strategy. Infodat has the expertise to build out the proper mobile application architectures to get your organization more ROI from your existing systems.

Modernization Roadmap

Infodat can help you navigate the issues and choices when planning how to get the most out of your existing IT ecosystem. We can help you identify the areas to improve that provide the highest return on your IT expenditures.   We can put a strategy and roadmap in place to get you started in the right areas that will positively impact your organization the most while providing the technical expertise you will need.


  • Extend the life of existing core business applications – maximize ROI
  • Align legacy software more closely with current business needs
  • Green screen to modern web or mobile user interfaces
  • Integration with modern applications
  • Extract business value from data in legacy systems
  • Quickly respond to competitive pressures
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