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Take your software development to the next level with DevPulse. DevPulse is our next genDevPulseeration version of DevOps. DevPulse is Infodat’s framework that unites our people tools and process and enables a continuous delivery value and quality.

Infodat can help your organization drive continuous delivery and value out of your software development efforts.  We have the expertise to help bring together development, testing, and operations in the most optimal fashion. While most delivery efforts are based on either a large chunk of new functions sometime in the future or ad-hoc patching, DevPulse is used to provide a steady stream of new functionality into production which can transform your organization into one that can quickly adapt to market and customer changes.

The engine that drives our DevPulse is the Agile methodology.  It enables the proper collaboration amongst the disciplines within the DevPulse team and fosters the scheduling of a continuous delivery of functional value.  All Infodat DevOps teams are well versed in Agile and use management tools that support the methodology and enhance delivery.

Infodat will work closely with you to automate the provisioning of your testing and production environments.  This reduces risk to make sure the appropriate environment is available for production installs.  Automation of environment provisioning also accelerates the DevPulse process providing value to your organization.

Infodat DevPulse teams can consist entirely of our well qualified consultants.  We, however, can provide your organization with a hybrid team approach where there is a mix or your people along with Infodat.  We will provide the expertise to build out DevPulse teams that have the right size and skills to make you successful.

With Infodat’s DevPulse approach we take DevOps an extra step to provide an even bigger impact than what traditional DevOps approaches provide.  We can build out a “DevSecOps” process inside the DevPulse function.  This can provide endpoint and database vulnerability scanning of new code before they become operational.

DevPulse also provides a formalized innovation process to exchange ideas amongst people and teams so we can foster always brining the best ideas to your organization.

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