Comodo Endpoint Security Solution

Endpoint security problems are solved with Comodo’s combination coverage of a Default Deny Platform in a lightweight client. Comodo Client uses a layered, modular method that combines a patent-pending automated container with dynamic analysis to solve unknown and zero-day malware on Windows endpoints and mobile devices. Comodo’s technology secures against known and unknown threats without compromising usability.

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Automatic Containment
Comodo’s patent-pending automatic containment technology is proven to stop zero-day attacks, separating unknown processes from the native system until deemed safe.

Using behavioral and action-based analysis VirusScope dynamically examines unknown processes and executables to determine their safety, while analysis continues on your local workstation. Your endpoint is protected from potential damage because unknown files are automatically quarantined in a container that prevents access to system resources like your CPU, memory, and registry without affecting usability.

Unlike competitors that run applications indefinitely in containers affecting usability and scale, Comodo Client can be configured to contact Valkyrie, Comodo’s cloud-based File Analysis Platform. Valkyrie provides static and dynamic malware analysis, typically returning a result in as little as 45 seconds, which is five times faster than the leading competitor.

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