1. The Industry’s Fastest Integration EnvironmentBoomi provides the industry’s most extensive collection of tools to speed integration projects and streamline implementations, including process libraries, pre-built connectors, and crowd-sourced guidance for data mapping with Boomi Suggest.
  2. The Industry’s Easiest to Use Development Platform
    Boomi pioneered the low-code revolution with its drag-and-drop interface for streamlining how integrations are built. In many cases, our tools, including our integration packs, completely eliminate the need for coding.
  3. Ranked as a Leader by Analysts
    Since it pioneered the iPaaS category more than 10 years ago, Boomi has been consistently recognized as a leader in the market by top industry research firms, including Gartner and Forrester.
  4. Dependable Innovation
    Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform includes more than 23 patents. You can be assured Boomi’s innovation will continue to lead the industry well into the future.
  5. Unparalleled TCO
    Boomi is a superior long-term value for any sized company, with scalable pricing models to support pay-as-you-go subscriptions, so you pay for just what you need while helping drive far greater developer productivity.
  6. True Cloud-Native Architecture
    Boomi was built for the cloud from its inception with automatic software upgrades and automated regression testing. No on-premise hardware or complicated installations required, helping you efficiently connect your enterprise.
  7. Diverse Partner Ecosystem
    Boomi works with leading global and regional integration partners, like Infodat, to help support any of your specialized project needs.
  8. Single, Unified Platform
    Boomi offers superior development and management efficiencies (what we call “economies of skill”) with our unified platform. Our single environment supports all core connectivity, EDI, and API management tasks, along with comprehensive master data management for ensuring data quality.
  9. Breadth of Connectivity
    With quality-assured connectors to 200+ applications and 1,000+ endpoints, Boomi lets you quickly and easily connect to virtually any application to support your specific integration needs, whether on-promise, in the cloud, or any combination.
  10. High Customer Satisfaction
    Boomi’s 94% subscription renewal rate is one of the best in the industry, highlighting the dependability of our platform and our absolute commitment to the success of our customers.

Infodat is proud to be a Boomi Partner. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization get better connected.

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