Infodat Data Complete Framework

Proven approach to extract maximum value from your data. Data Complete uses a business focus, best in class processes, and leading tools to unlock accurate, meaningful information for your organization. We will evaluate your current situation to understand your desired business outcomes, organization and technical capabilities.

Data Integration

Many organizations have data that needs to be put modified and combined in order to impact performance and profitability.  Infodat can transform and integrate all of your organization’s data in order to improve operations, performance, and profitability. Infodat can meet your integration needs by:

  • Integrating data from different incompatible sources, and Cloud or on premise sources
  • Mapping different data sources in order to complement and enhance each other
  • Define models to integrate different sources
  • Utilize a combination of SQL and noSQL databases

MDM & Data Governance

Data can exist in many different departments and applications across an organization. Infodat can provide MDM and data governance experts who can get your people and applications on the same page with data. We help you standardize and develop ownership of the data in order to increase consistency and improve quality across your organization.  We will develop an easy to manage master data source so your organization is always dealing with accurate information.

Big Data & Analytics

Big data & analytics technology can help your organization harness large amounts of data and use it to identify new opportunities and make smarter business decisions resulting in higher profits and increased customer loyalty. Infodat can develop the ideal big data & analytics environment for your organization and get you benefiting from your valuable data assets. Infodat has proven experience with such big data technologies as:

  • Hadoop
  • Alteryx for data cleansing and integration
  • Datameer for big data discovery and analysis

Data Warehousing

Infodat can solve your challenge of attempting to  pertinent data elements from different sources in one place with an enterprise data warehouse to manage and report data. The data warehouse is your organization’s integrated store of information collected from other systems and becomes the foundation for decision support and data analysis.  We can create a warehouse that acts as a single source of truth for your IT ecosystem data in an elastic and scalable environment. Your data warehouse, once established,  is where your BI and reporting tools can connect or can act as the source of data marts.

BI Dashboard & Reporting

BI dashboards and robust reporting environments bring your organization’s people and data together. Data that can positively impact your organization’s operations and profitability can be unlocked with visualizations and tools that allow people to quickly view and analyze data in new and different ways. We are experts in implementing BI and reporting environments that communicate actionable intelligence and improve organizational performance. Infodat has a long-proven track record in building enterprise scale solutions with such tools as

  • Microsoft reporting suites
    • SSRS
    • Data Zen
    • Power BI
  • Qlik View and Qlik Sense for enterprise dashboarding and self-service portal
  • Tableau for Analysis

Predictive and Machine Learning

Knowing what is to come in the future and how to act upon that knowledge is critical in today’s business environment.  New data and predictive analytic technologies are changing how organizations function operationally and how they interact with their customer and partners.  Infodat’s experts can get you benefiting by applying predictive analytics to your data.  Whether performing predictive analysis using R and Python or training data using Microsoft ML, Infodat can get your organization looking forward.

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