RedSeal Security Analytics Platform

RedSeal provides a cybersecurity analytics platform to Global 2000 organizations that certifies their evolving networks are secure and accelerates compliance initiatives. RedSeal’s advanced analytics engine creates an end-to-end virtual model of the networking infrastructure and vulnerability landscape, identifies security risks, and prioritizes required actions for quick remediation. Infodat currently offers Comodo products through DIR-TSO-4393 .

The result: reduced cybersecurity risk, enhanced threat resilience, and lower incident response and maintenance costs.
RedSeal enables Network Security and Risk Management teams to have a clear understanding of where security
investments are working,where improvements are needed, and the exposed areas at greatest risk of attack.redseal

RedSeal replaces blind security management with a platform that enables enterprises to:

    • Maintain network awareness with visibility across layers
    • Comply with regulatory requirements and internal policies
    • Understand the security impact of network changes
  • Protect the enterprise’s digital assets from attack

The RedSeal Platform does not disturb, or rely on, network traffic monitoring. Instead, RedSeal’s analytics engine processes the configurations of layer-three network devices via secure live connections or from CMDB type configuration repositories. An end-to-end analytical model and map of the network is created, applying sophisticated mathematical computations to reveal every possible open pathway from any two points on the network; as well as access to/from untrusted sources such as the Internet. The RedSeal Platform can further analyze risk and exposure by importing vulnerability scan data and correlating it with the current state of network access.

As a result, Security stakeholders can instantly see access policy violations, critical vulnerabilities and exposures for remediation, and effectively measure and manage the organization’s overall risk posture.

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