Measure and manage the cyber resilience of your network

RedSeal takes a holistic approach to network security by creating a map of your company’s entire network. It comprehensively analyzes network connectivity and builds an end-to-end model that fully describes all open access and pathways within the network, or to/from the Internet.  Next, RedSeal can correlate vulnerability scan data and analyze security issues in the context of network access paths to narrow the focus to the systems posing the greatest risk.  Detailed reports and risk metrics enable organizations to prioritize remediation efforts, and effectively deploy scarce resources to address the most critical security issues first.

How it works:

  • Automatically imports current configuration files from network infrastructure devices
  • Builds a layer-three/layer-four analytical network access model
  • Correlates vulnerability scan data to prioritize the most critical exposures for remediation
  • Continuously monitors for changes in network access and comparison to company policies
  • Accelerates regulatory and corporate compliance initiatives
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