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The Comodo Difference

• All Zero-Day and malware exploits are rendered useless by Automatic Containment
• Currently protecting over 100 million endpoints around the world
No Comodo user has ever reported an infection from any form of malware!
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Comodo Secure Web Gateway

• Protect users from zero-day web threats, no matter their location
• Ensure strict compliance with policies, without slowing down users
• Automatic containment
• Ensure productive web browsing
• Protect off-network users
• Gain visibility into user web activity

SKUItemTermQtyMSLPDisc.Net Price
SWGH-A12Secure Web Gateway12 Months1-99$48.2422%$37.63
SWGH-A36Secure Web Gateway36 Months1-99$144.7222%$112.88
SWGH-B12Secure Web Gateway12 Months100-199$48.2446%$26.05
SWGH-B36Secure Web Gateway36 Months100-199$144.7246%$78.15
SWGH-C12Secure Web Gateway12 Months200-499$48.2449%$24.60
SWGH-C36Secure Web Gateway36 Months200-499$144.7249%$73.81
SWGH-D12Secure Web Gateway12 Months500-999$48.2452%$23.15
SWGH-D36Secure Web Gateway36 Months500-999$144.7252%$69.47
SWGH-E12Secure Web Gateway12 Months1,001+$48.24Call for Quote
SWGH-E36Secure Web Gateway36 Months1,001+$144.72Call for Quote
Secure Web Gateway48 MonthsCall for Quote
Secure Web Gateway60 MonthsCall for Quote

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under DIR contract number DIR-TSO-4393

Phone: 713-277-4033
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