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SalesProcess360 helps industrial sales organizations get ROI from CRM. We work with companies at all stages of CRM, from CRM selection to ongoing training long after implementation.

CRM Consulting Services:

ROI from CRM: Consulting Services - SalesProcess360-InfodatCRM Specification/Audit

The SalesProcess360 CRM Audit will help you identify gaps in your sales processes and what it will take to fill those gaps. The result: a clearly defined plan for ROI from CRM based on your company’s true needs. Schedule a free phone consultation, where we’ll discuss high-level gaps you may have, what to consider for CRM and sales process success, and ROI considerations.

Learn more about the SalesProcess360 CRM Audit.

CRM Evaluation

CRM is increasingly accessible to companies of all sizes, but the growth in offerings has made CRM vendor selection that much more difficult for the average industrial distribution, rep or manufacturing business. Invite SalesProcess360 to join your CRM selection team. We can help you define specifications, make the most of software demos and identify providers that will meet your needs.

CRM Implementation

SalesProcess360 can work with your industrial sales organization to ensure that your CRM implementation is a success. We follow a “start slow and grow” philosophy. We believe that if you do too much too soon, you risk confusing and overwhelming your team. Instead, we use our CRM Audit to identify and prioritize processes you can improve using CRM.

CRM Coaching

Most companies have the processes and visibility at the back-end order and process stage of their businesses but lack on the front end. SalesProcess360 helps industrial sales companies (reps/distributors/manufacturers) put in place processes at the front end of the sales cycle for lead and opportunity management. We believe this is critical to growing your business and an area that can give companies a competitive edge in today’s market. We have a 3- to 6-month program that is focused on the basic blocking and tackling processes that we have found most companies do not have in place that they need to get to the next level in their business.


“SalesProcess360’s CRM Audit program was very worthwhile for us. We gathered a sampling of employees from various departments within our company, and spent a solid day and a half with SalesProcess360. They helped us to identify gaps in our processes and define a road map to move forward. As we move towards our CRM implementation, having a solid sales process in place will surely prove to be beneficial. SalesProcess360 also helped us to better understand the ‘ins and outs’ of the CRM implementation process.” – Scott Schoepf, vice president of sales and marketing, Triad Technologies

“SalesProcess360 was very helpful in our assessment of readiness for CRM implementation. In addition to providing insights to the potential pitfalls of implementation, they helped our team understand the metrics that evaluate and measure the ROI obtained from CRM, and management commitment required to change the way that our organization works. As a result, we can better deliver value to our customers while improving our sales and marketing productivity.” – Wallace Lueders, director of business development, REXA Inc.

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